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Payment Plans

Why we won't be offering Payment Plans.

As we have experienced difficulties with payment plans in the past we will not be offering this form of payment. All the Payment Plans that are still open are still obligated to follow the next rules. These serve as 'Terms & Conditions'. These Terms & Conditions went into affect from 1-5-2021, and are agree'd upon from the customer side after requesting a payment plan on their own behalf.

What is a payement plan:

  • A payment plan is a form of payment where a customer has the option to pay in 2 or 3 installments.

  • The installments are made each month from the day the first down payment is done. A down payment is the first installment, by law (The Netherlands), we are allowed to ask for 50% down payment on each separate item purchased.

  • More information about the rights of customers and webshop in the Down Payment Process

  • Payment Plan installments are offered in a 'Webshop Listing' in the description of the listing we describe the terms of the Payment plan installments which are requested by thre customer. 

  • The customer has access to their listing which is stocked up to the amount of payments that have to be made to complete the full payment. When the listing is out of stock, the full Payment Plan installments are complete.

  • When the full payment is complete, the items which have been paid for will be shipped to the customer.

  • We do not ship items when they are not paid for. This means when you haven't completed your full Payment Plan with us, we will not ship your items. If you choose to double your installments with Klarna or AfterPay on top of our Payment Plan, we will not ship your parcel as your balance is not fully paid for on our end. We are not responsible of the Payments made between you and a 3rd party installement service.

What happens when I neglect my Payment Plan:

  • The installments are made each month from the day the first down payment is done. The first payment is the downpayment and is non refundable.

  • We do this to make sure the customer takes there Payment Plan seriously and doesn't reserve stock unnecessarily. 

  • In the case of a customer neglecting their payment plan, we alert our customers and offer them 48 hours to complete their Payment, a cancellation of a payment plan results in the loss of the customers down payment, and a permanent block on all our social media platforms. 

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